The arts of filmmaking always symbolized a form of immortality to me. My father introduced me to the european film world at a very young age. His passion for movies seems to have passed down to my genes. I find it fascinating how pictures on the big screen can move the audience. How people could feel emotions without being ashamed of it. Watching Catherine Deneuve or Isabelle Huppert perfom was my wake-up call. 

Acting became the place I could feel and express my emotions. It is the tool I chose to truly reach people and hopefully open their eyes.

Curriculum Vitae


Date of birth : 15.11.1993
Nationality : Austrian
Lives in : Cologne, Germany
Lodging options : Innsbruck,  Munich,  Vienna, London

Acting range : 19 - 27 y.
Height : 165 cm
Hair : red/strawberry blond
Eyes : green/brown
Build : average
Clothing sizes : 36/38 (EU)
Voice : mezzo-soprano
Other : 8 tattoos

Languages :  German (mothertongue), English (fluent), Italian (basic knowledge)  
Dialects/accents : austrian (regions : Vienna, Linz)

Sports : Walzer, Badminton, Basketball, Climbing, Soccer, Mountainbiking, Swimming, Snowboarding, Diving, Yoga


2014 - 2017 : IAF (Internationale Akademie für Filmschauspiel), Cologne (DEU)

2012-2014 : Studium der Theater-, Film- und Medienwissenschaften, Studium der Romanistik, Vienna (AUT)